Co-Сreation whiteboard animation explanatory videos
With animated explanatory videos, you can communicate your ideas and knowledge quickly and precisely to your customers, partners and employees.
From CoCreation to CoAnimation
It's rather common for valuable knowledge to get lost in the coordination between clients and video producers. Not with us! We integrate your expertise into our co-creative production process right from the start. In this way, nuances, authentic language and real stories are incorporated into the resulting explanatory videos. This reduces the coordination effort enormously.
Classic co-production
Customer representatives, our experts and illustrators work closely together in the briefing and feedback phases.

The lion's share of the workload for concept creation and visualisation falls to us.

Or you have a finalised idea that we implement. You decide how intensively you want to be involved in the production process.

In any case, you will receive a hand-made, customised explanatory video - far beyond mass-produced goods.
CoAnimate workshops
Teams from your organisation go through an intensive design process moderated by our facilitators.

With our proven step-by-step method, this process of learning becomes just as important as the result itself.

The participants gain insights, agree on the core messages and proudly stand behind the result: videos they have drawn themselves or illustrated by a professional.
We deliver animated videos
fast + high quality + at fair prices
Not possible? It is possible! We have been proving this since 2012 - we work agilely with a team from Western and Eastern Europe and have already produced more than 2000 videos for more than 100 satisfied customers.
According to our mission statement, we want to be proud of our work. That's why we never compromise on quality. Every script is tailored to the specific customer, every visualisation is handmade and unique. There are no templates involved.

A video is good when it

  • fulfils its task - an advertising video brings in more customers, an explanatory video conveys knowledge, an educational video leads to an understanding of complicated issues,
  • is refreshing, entertaining and aesthetically pleasing and
  • has the potential to go viral.
We usually need 3 weeks to produce a high quality video:

WEEK 1 - briefing, generating a creative solution, creating and agreeing on the scenario

WEEK 2 - Creating a first pilot version of the video, gathering stakeholder feedback, adapting text and visualisation

WEEK 3 - Production of the final version

In addition to this classic approach, we also offer an intensive format - the CoAnimate workshop. This means the video is ready 10 times faster!
Normally, the price includes all production costs: communication with the client, coordination, changes, constant jumping back and forth between tasks.

Good quality work requires about 50 hours of payment, whereas an interdisciplinary team can complete this work within 25 hours.

We promise participants our 100% money-back guarantee if the result does not meet your expectations!
What happens in the CoAnimate workshop
We start with the "knowledge reactor", an intensive moderated question and answer session. The knowledge reactor makes it possible to dive into the context of the task at lightning speed, to get into a kind of flow and collect material for the video to be created.

Main message
The group agrees on what should stick with the target group after watching the video. Unfortunately, even exceptionally well-made videos are quickly forgotten.

Unless you succeed in communicating the main message of your product in a way that changes the beliefs of your target group.
We look for a suitable way to convey the defined main message to the target group.

To do this, we develop a step-by-step plan of the script for the resulting video. Important tools are knowledge of the target group and storytelling tools.
Writing values
It may sound surprising, but if the main message and the structure for the script are clearly defined, one hour is enough to write the text for the video.
An illustrator joins the team and everyone works together in a brainstorming session on the composition of the final image and the key scenes. Work is done on visual metaphors for concisely conveying meanings and on the characters of the story.

The plan for the visualisation is drawn up, on the basis of which the illustrator will visualise the entire video frame by frame.
Next, the soundtrack is recorded. One of our professional speakers can be used for this. However, experience has shown that a soundtrack by the video's authors has a better effect on the target group - it comes across as more trustworthy and authentic.

During sound editing, background noises are removed and background music and sound effects are added if necessary.
The illustrator works simultaneously with the recording. This takes approx. 3 - 4 hours. The team can remain in contact with the illustrator and observe the creative process.
Video festival
Afterwards, all the groups come together to present their work to each other.

Our customers are always fascinated when they watch the videos they have just completed after a day and a half of intensive work together. Invite guests and colleagues to the festival!

Our portfolio
We strive for long-term customer relationships because we are interested in the changes that are achieved with the help of the videos.
Simply ask us about the possibilities and you'll be amazed!
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