Join Art & Science Weekend
against society polarisation!

20-21st April Art & Science Weekend will be held in Berlin.

The main idea — fight against black-and-white thinking, polarization in society and the separation "friend-foe" through science and art. Communities, artist, collectives, science communicators are invited to organise their own event as a part of Weekend.

Art & Science Weekend is a two-day event with venues around the city, united by the theme of fighting polarization in society. If you'd like to organise event within Art&Science Weekend, please, fill in the form for participant below.
Which projects we are ready to support
Any art or popular science event that supports our goal of fighting polarization in society. It can be a one man show, lecture, workshop in a park or performance with a gig and decorations in a theater.
What we provide
We will include your event in the program of Weekend, put your logo with a link to your page on website. We can also provide you with design templates if it's needed. If a budget is required for the realisation of the event, please write this information in the form for participants below. We may be a able to cover some of your costs depending on the amount of applications and needed budget.

Also the best projects will have an animated video of their project made for free (example). And we will invite organizers, artists, scientists, who shares our vision, to our trip to Leipzig or Dresden that we're going to have as part of the project this summer, June 8—9. You can check how it was last year here.
Our timing
February, 5—18 Application submission time
February, 13 at 17:00 Q&A session with applicants to answer all questions about event and application process. Fill in this form to participate in the call.
February, 26 Announcing the winners
April, 20-21
Art&Science Weekend
Other important details
Ticket sale for Weekend events isn't possible, but you can gather donations.

Our task is to organize a safe space for our guests, so no political agitations are allowed during Weekend. We are planning to organise second Weekend 12-13th of October.

If you're not ready to participate right now or it is not possible because of limited funding, you can try next time.
If I am not ready to organise event
For scientists and actors who are not ready to organize event themselves but would be happy to join to others, please, fill in this form, we will to get in touch with you.

Art & Science Weekend is a part of Zug um Zug Demokratie project by WIR.DE Aktive Nachbarn.

Zug um Zug Demokratie is a project to create a space where participants can talk about sensitive topics, share their opinions and discuss each other's positions, even if they are radically different.