Art & Science Weekend is a two-day event with venues around the city, united by the theme of polarization in society. The main idea is to oppose black and white thinking, the polarization of society and the "friend-foe" divide through science and art.
20 April
Theaterhaus Berlin MITTE
Neue Jakobstraße 9/Wallstraße 32, Haus C, 10179 Berlin
Meeting point at the café next to the reception
Martin A .Ciesielski

He plays improvisational theater for almost 25 years. Martin is a very experienced trainer, coach and actor. For more than 15 years he applies improv for work and life itself. He came from banking, worked as a consultant/trainer/coach and is author of books about digital leadership. He is born and lives in Berlin.
These days are crazy, weird, absurd. Sometimes scary, sometimes just hilarious. We have to live into the unknown, the uncertain and even the uncanny.
The best way to deal with these circumstances is to become a better improviser. Especially applied, theatrical improvisers highly cooperate, so-create meaning and develop their imagination.
In this 2-hours workshop you learn how to make each other shine, how to say YES, AND! You will learn how to deal with the absurdities and challenges of our times and our lives!

Some people even say life is improv!
15:00-17:00 (meeting at 2:45pm)
Art Space in Exile
Elsenstraße 87, 12435 Berlin-Bezirk Treptow-Köpenick

Need based voluntary support for refugees in Berlin. Need4Deed is set to promote the inclusion and integration of refugees in Berlin through the actions of civil society by making volunteering more accessible. We aim to build a sustainable and scalable mechanism for this purpose by connecting volunteers with and without migration backgrounds, with refugees that are living in accomodation centers in Berlin, based on their specific needs.
Need4Deed and the volunteer community invite you already from 13:00 to prepare light snacks together in the afternoon, enjoy some drinks and talk to each other!
Playback theatre is a form of improvisation, where the audience tells stories, and actors and musicians immediately play them out on stage, revealing them through movement, speech and melody.
This time we invite audience to talk about topic being in Between.
The times of life where we felt like we are in between some sides, people, decisions and even countries and cultures. How did it felt? Was it our choice?
We invite you to come and share this evening together with us either to share story or just enjoy stories of others and aesthetics of theater.
Heinrichstraße 31, 10317 Berlin
Evangelisch-Freikirchliche Gemeinde Berlin-Lichtenberg
Ekaterina Blinova, PhD in Psychology, Researcher at Laboratory of Behavioral Neurodynamics, MA student at Berlin School of Mind and Brain
"Charge Your Brain: Breaking Language Barriers with Science"
Learning new languages might be both effortful and sometimes painful. How modern neuroscientific technologies, such as transcranial direct current stimulation, can (probably) make this journey easier.
Science Slam is a popular science show in which scientists talk about their own research in a simple and interesting way. Every speaker has only 10 minutes to present their researches. The audience asks questions and chooses the winner with applause, the volume of which is measured by a sound level meter.

21 April
We invite everyone to join us in the Open Air Museum of Decoloniality in the (former?) Alexanderplatz.
The Open Air Museum of Decoloniality (on Alexanderplatz), Berlin
Marina Solntseva and @de_colonialanguage collective
Walking-Lecture on Decolonial Feminist Names.
@de_colonialanguage art collective will give a walking lecture tour around the Open Air Museum of Decoloniality and explain how the new spaces have appeared there.
We believe that urban memory should honor not imperial gains, but the memory of people's yearning for freedom, solidarity, and justice. We are publicly asking the questions: Why has the main place in the center of Berlin the name of a Russian emperor, Alexander I? How is the process of urban naming connected to the foreign policy? And why do feminist names remain invisible in the public space? And of course - what can we do to make them visible?

Green Wall,


Kvartira 62

Entry with your own drinks is not allowed
Ilya Boytsov, AI lead at Wayfair, guest lecturer at the University of Oxford
"Will AI take your Job? Navigating the Future of work and how to stay in demand"

Olya Vvedenskaya, MD, PhD in Cancer research
"Lost in translation: Why do scientists, medical doctors, and society end up speaking different languages and struggling to understand each other?"
During the day in different venues around the city you can have coffee, lunch, beer or dinner with a scientist. We will organise small tables for 5-10 participants. You can choose what sphere and which scientist look the most interesting for you. Our scientists will suggest several topics to discuss and then it's only up to you all, where this discussion will lead you!

Participants pay for drinks and food for our scientists, because science is hungry!
Haus 3: Loft,
Alte Münze,
Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
Special guest for the discussion: Sarina Panahideh, a Kurdish Iranian artist and activist, a multifaceted performer—dancer, actress, choreographer, and theater director.

Moderator: Angelina Davydova, journalist, essayist, author orinally from St. Petersburg, Russia, living since 2022 in Berlin

Director: Anja Demidova
Costume designer: Venera Kazarova
Composer: Galina Altman
Producer: Yara Ziva-Chernova
PR: Ira Posrednikova
Sound and light: Sasha Andjelo
Performers: Marina Kurochka, Mari Yasinover, Maria Beatty, Mikhail Poliakov
The performance project is a critical examination of patriarchal culture and its imposition of standards on women. To be "accepted," women are expected to look and behave in a certain manner, suppressing anger, assertiveness, aggression, and the expression of personal opinions and boundaries - to be convenient. The project's creators argue that "convenience" is a characteristic of furniture, not people.

The aim of the project is not only to highlight the deeply ingrained stereotypes and expectations placed on women but also to foster a dialogue about gender equality, respect, and the recognition of women's rights to express their emotions, opinions, and establish personal boundaries without fear of judgment or rejection. This performance seeks to challenge and provoke thought about the societal norms that confine women's roles and identities, encouraging a reevaluation of what it means to be "convenient" in a gendered context.
Art&Science Weekend is a part of Zug um Zug Demokratie project by WIR.DE Aktive Nachbarn.

Zug um Zug Demokratie is a project to create a space where participants can talk about sensitive topics, share their opinions and discuss each other's positions, even if they are radically different.